How to Create Summer Buzz | Answer of the Day Podcast

 Surviving summer budgets — customer household budgets. It’s that time of year where customers are rethinking expenses and splurges. Listen creatives listen...

How to Create Buzz | Answer of the Day by DryerBuzz Yalanda Lattimore

None of us wants to become that line item where customers make cuts to survive hot summers. Trimming our services or products to find extra money for summer camps, increased utilities, or vacations, etc.

Did you know you could create Buzz by letting customers know you understand decisions they may face?

Rather than worrying if customers might cancel or ignore their memberships, offer customers a special price to place on hold. How about make events more kid friendly or add childcare services so as no to lose a number of parents.

If summer time is your slow season follow our podcast for best practices to stay connected and within summer budgets — our customers summer budgets. Listen creatives listen and follow #DryerBuzz #27Answers

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